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    Women’s Super League Digital Ambassadors

    Paul Doyle in yesterday’s Guardian Sport online wrote about a group of 8 players in the Women’s Super League (the Ladies version of the FA Premier League) who will take the unprecedented step of displaying their personal twitter account name on sleeves of their shirts for the new season with the aim of raising the profile of the women’s game.

    The eight players or “digital ambassadors” are:
    : Steph Houghton @stephhoughton2
    Laura Bassett @laurabassett6
    Bristol Academy:
    Siobhan Chamberlain @Sio_Chamberlain
    Claire Rafferty @clrafferty1
    Doncaster Belles:
    Julie-Ann Russell @Juuulie_Ann
    Jill Scott @JillScott12
    Megan Harris @MegsHarris7
    Aroon Clansey @AroonClansey

    One would imagine that this decision has largely been taken due to fact that the Women’s World Cup final set a new record with 7,196 TPS (tweets per second) last year when the USA beat Japan. Back in 2010 the men’s World Cup Final marked the largest period of sustained activity for an event in Twistory, with over 2,000 TPS during the last 15 minutes of the match.

    It will be interesting to see what content the ladies put out in a concentrated effort to engage with what is said to be the third most popular team sport in England. Stay following…

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    #savetheintern - a lesson learned?

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    So, #savetheintern is now trending on twitter. Which side is the mob going to fall on?

    It was a silly thing for the intern to say. But let’s not pretend that phrase isn’t commonplace in social media land. However, it is crude to use, and for me, inappropriate from this particular micro-blogger.

    My problem here is that in the Twittersphere I find it strange having other individuals being the ‘voice’ of another individual, and especially when you’re an elected member of parliament. CIPR’s social media guidance encourages openness and transparency online, “it is important they are upfront about who they are”, if not “it is best to be open and clearly state which ‘@person’ typically ‘manages’ the channel”. To me, this afternoon’s episode has cast doubt over the authenticity of what I believed to be one person’s opinion.

    Tom is probably the MP who most interacts with his audience through social networking. For those who don’t follow Tom, he offers great insight into a life we know little of, it’s fun, but let’s not also forget that it’s been part of Tom building his own brand online. Will this be tarnished because of what was said? I doubt it. Will it be tarnished over the authenticity of his tweets? Perhaps.

    As it is, the mob has been generally appeased by an open, transparent and swift apology. But still, some important lessons here in a quick 10 minute timeline.

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